Company Profile
Last updated: 09/05/2018
Chairman of the BoardZONG-YUAN HE
Business GroupsBusiness Channel Group, Home Appliances Manufacturing Group, Star Travel Corp
Corporate Strategy
To maximize the three business groups
1.The three business groups as the focus of operations
Home Appliances Manufacturing Group
Business Channel Group
Star Travel Corp
2. Strategies for the Home Appliances Manufacturing Group
1. Global logistics and distribution
2. Vertical integration, independent production of key components
3. Only be the first or the second
4. Close to the market and global R&D
3. Strategies for the Business Channel Group
1. Brand channel
2. Product diversification
4. Strategies for the Star Travel Corp.
1. Virtual reality integration
2. Quality innovations
A Design Based World Class Lifestyle Group
Operating Concept
Team, Integrity, Innovation, Thankfulness